Types of Garage Doors

There are many different types and sizes of garage doors available on the market today.  The most common are roll up garage doors.  This is because they are easy to use whether you choose to manually open and close them or  you choose to add automatic garage door openers & closers for ease of getting in and added security. The aluminum type is the most common material used for roll up types for homeowners today.

Here are some options you can find for your home. Various kinds of garage doors for one, two, three or more car garages.  They come in various styles for your consideration to match the exterior of your home. Most homeowners like roll up style garage types of garage doorsdoors  because they are a great way to protect the biggest investment you make in your lifetime.  Our expert technicians are qualified professionals that can help you determine what you need for your home’s garage.

We help our customers get the best quality door for their money – you can count on us for durable and reliable roll up garage doors. They are easy to install whether you are doing a garage remodel or you are choosing a garage door for your new construction.  They are made from quality powder coated aluminum and are great for adding further security for your home. We can also install a wide variety of garage doors for commercial use.  We can get a range of models for garage doors, warehouse doors and even storage sheds – these are good for any use.

When you are shopping for a roll up style garage door keep in mind the size you need, the price you can pay and the features you want for your home or business.  More homeowners and business owners use roll up garage doors because they are cost effective and easy to operate whether you choose to go with manual or automatic opening techniques.  Naturally, automatic garage door openers aid in more security and can also save you from rainy days.  Another consideration is to decide whether you want to add lighting to your garage with an automatic system for further safety and security at your home or business. Do your research before choosing any kind of garage door.

If you are looking for some help with selecting the best garage door for your needs and budget, turn to Compass – we have been working with homeowners and business owners just like you and are happy to help.

Do I Required An Insulated Garage Door?

One of the choices when choosing a new garage door is whether it should be insulated. As a Cleveland company, we most definitely suggest insulated garage doors for any type of residence that sees very low or extreme heats.

What distinction does insulation produce a garage door?
Consider your garage an expansion of your residence. Garages commonly have protected wall surfaces to keep in warmth, so your garage could function as a barrier between the home as well as the outdoors.

However having a garage without an insulated door is like leaving the door open

insulated garage doorsThe chilly (or heat) that could pass through an uninsulated garage door is enough to act like a temperature draw from your home’s heating/cooling efforts.

Five requirements to get an insulated garage door.
1. Conserve energy. With an insulated door, your house loses much less warm because the garage stays warmer.
2. Maintaining a warmer garage is more welcoming for the home owner, whether you’re simply climbing into the cold car or doing work in the garage.
3. Structurally, shielded doors are less likely to bend as well as come out of alignment.
4. Protected doors are much quieter compared to non-insulated.
5. The functioning parts of the garage door and also the garage door opener function much better when they are kept in modest temperatures. Extreme cold and also warmth puts added tension on these parts, making them more probable to have problems. You will certainly see much less ice outside of your door as well.

What insulation rating do I need?
Shielded doors are given an “R score” from 0 to 19 to represent the door’s resistance to warm transfer (whether in or out), with 0 being no insulation in all (i.e. uninsulated steel door).

Distinction Between Insulated & Non Insulated Garage Doors

It is something you have actually been assuming recently; you have simply had your garage built and also you are intending on shopping for the correct kind of door You have heard a great deal of buddies speaking about insulated and also non insulated garage doors, and that has actually kept you questioning which type of garage door you should in fact go for. With different kinds of garage doors readily available on the market, to truly aid you make a very clever selection, here an introduction of the essential difference in between shielded & non-insulated garage doors

Insulated garage doors

Generally, these sorts of garage doors come totally furnished with 2 layers of steel with insulation between the layers. They are a little bit thick and featured unbelievable power performance features compared to non- shielded garage doors.

Top pros of insulated garage doors.

It is due to the fact that they feature a variety of advantages non-insulated garage doors are several of the most prominent sorts of garage doors. To offer you just what this choice suggests to you as well as your garage, below are the leading advantages of shielded garage doors.

Durable and more powerful

If you are looking for something strong and that can last for years, a shielded garage door is what you must be acquiring next. It is as a result of both layers that these types of garage doors are more powerful.


Shielded doors are wonderful for the eyes, making it among the most effective selections if you intend to boost the general appearance of your home exterior. They are not strong, yet likewise a lot more appealing.

Energy efficient

garage door installation Cleveland

A shielded garage door is terrific when it pertains to protecting against warm or cold air from entering your garage. If your garage is affixed to your home and you wish to bring the cost of power down, after that you need to be getting in touch with a garage door solution Dallas ahead as well as have the important things fixed.

Disadvantages of insulated garage doors

Nothing is perfect as well as in spite of all the good things you can net from an insulated garage door, it also comes with one significant trouble. As compared to non-insulated doors, insulated doors could truly get pricey, making them unreachable for the majority of people.

Non-insulated garage doors

Non- protected doors come built with only steel and although these types of doors for your garage are better suited for warmer climates, non protected are not as prominent as protected garage doors.


Despite this option not being arranged by lots of people, a non shielded garage door still includes a number of pros. Non-insulated garage doors are less expensive, making them the very best alternative if you are operating under a very tight budget.

Cons of non-insulated garage doors

Compared with shielded doors, non-insulated, features a number of downsides. Interestingly, when you contrast the two, this choice is fairly the reverse of the other. Non-insulated doors are less attractive, not energy reliable as well as not strong. These are the primary reasons that non-insulated door has not been so preferred among lots of homeowners.

Picking the proper type of garage door for your garage is critical, and also you may take into consideration environment and resilience among other things before you decide. Call Compass as well as we could help you recognize your options and the benefits and drawbacks of each.

There Are Different Types of Overhead Garage Doors

In terms of general usage and also ownership, overhanging garage doors are by and large one of the most popular alternative for homeowners. The factor that so many individuals love them is since they are often inexpensive, very easy to install, convenient to make use of and make the best use of area compared to garage doors that swing out or roll to the side.

Overhead garage doors likewise have the tendency to be most conveniently coupled with automatic garage door openers, letting you get in the garage as well as shut it behind you without having to get out of the car.

In order to help you comprehend more about overhanging garage doors and why a lot of house owners seem to like them, here are the various sorts of above garage doors and also their advantages:

Single Panel Overhead Garage Doors

In the 1950s, homeowners who intended to park their automobiles began to turn to overhanging track systems that offered much more comfort as well as reliable usage of area compared to typical moving or sliding door panels.

types of garage doorsOne of the initial designs to come out of this change was the single-panel expenses garage door. Like its name suggests, this door is constructed out of one strong piece of wood, light weight aluminum, metal or any other product.

An overhanging track permitted proprietors to draw exterior on the deal with, letting the door raise effortlessly thanks to the counterweight springtime. The door should then slide overhanging, allowing them to drive into the garage.

The biggest issues with this style were that it was often heavy, could bring about track breakdowns easily and that the door needed to pivot in an outward direction before it could move expenses. Regarding the last issue particularly, it suggested that residents needed to keep their car parked several feet away when trying to open their garage.

Sectional Garage Doors

As individuals grew disappointed with solitary panel overhead garage doors, makers released their very own solutions.

The most preferred idea was to reduce the panel right into sections that can revolve freely while still being joined to every various other and a leading track. As the door was increased, each section can pivot at an angle separately instead of having the entire length of the door pivot. This function meant that the above door could be raised directly without the requirement for added front clearance.

Nowadays, most overhead garage door installment systems are sectional, making automated garage door openers, tracks and replacement components simpler ahead by. Sectional doors are additionally quickly shielded, adding to their expense savings without making them harder to mount.

Roller Overhead Garage Doors

Commonly-seen in commercial buildings, roller garage doors roll up right into a housing straight above the garage door frame, preventing the requirement for an overhead track while liberating ceiling space in the garage.

These systems are fairly sturdy as well as safe– generally constructed out of corrugated steel– however they are additionally fairly costly due to their commercial design. A lot of house owners will not go with this durable installment alternative unless they genuinely have industrial-style requirements.

Choosing the Type of Garage Doors for You

As you can see, there are numerous types as well as styles of overhanging garage doors available. Even though sectional doors may be one of the most common, there are still various kinds of sectional overhanging garage doors, as well as some residents might desire a different system entirely because of their choices.

Call Compass Garage Doors utilizing our contact web page to find out more regarding all the overhead garage door choices as well as to get aid determining which one would certainly be the best suitable for you.

Garage Door Styles. Which Fits You?

There are various styles of houses on the marketplace today. If you have a special design for the exterior of your house, wouldn’t you want your garage door to match? Thankfully, with a variety of garage door designs around, you could discover the door that will not just match your house, but increase your visual appeal as well.

Right here are just a few of the different garage door styles that are offered for houses, much like yours in Cleveland. These differing kinds of doors can give your residence with style as well as elegance, without compromising protection or sturdiness.

If you have a shed, separate garage or simply like that industrial-look, after that a rollup garage door could be the selection for you. Made from durable metals, such as steel, rollup garage doors could shield the contents of your garage.

Commonly, this style of garage door does not come electric. However, if you feel as if you would profit more from having an electrical garage door, you might purchase an electric motor for your rollup, or you could opt for a new door completely.


Like the rollup, primarily any type of garage door design can be electric. In today’s globe, having an electric garage could enhance the benefit of your life. When you return home from job, for instance, you can hit a just switch that will certainly open your garage for you.

Unlike rollup doors, panel and also custom doors can retreat inside your garage without literally rolling up. Electric garage doors can additionally improve the protection of your garage and also house, and also shield your vehicle from the components.


Probably the most usual as well as popular types of garage door styles is the increased panel door. If you are seeking a mix of resilience, reliability and charm, this is the model for you.

Carriage garage door installation

Carriage Garage Door

Due to the fact that this style has been in fashion for as long, we don’t anticipate the elevated panel garage door to lose its popularity whenever quickly. Though the majority of designs include the legendary rectangle-shaped panels, there are several designs and also colors you could choose from in the raised panel family.


This design of garage door appears like it was plucked straight off of a barn you should find in America’s earlier days. With wooden-like panels and also wrought iron joints, stamp carriage doors make certain to contribute to the pre-existing charm of your house.

Do not allow the looks of this garage door style fool you, nevertheless, as the toughness of the stamp carriage is unequaled. Your house can look wonderful, without costing you the reliability of a durable garage door.


If none of these various other designs fulfill your fancy, you could consider having a custom garage door mounted. By adding your personal design to a personalized garage door, you could incorporate colors as well as appearances to your house that no one else has.

For instance, if you love the look of a wood garage door, you could have a steel garage door installed that was repainted to look like wood. This way, you can have the design that you enjoy while still boosting the resilience of your garage door.

Are you thinking about updating the garage door on your Cleveland house? If so, call us today at Compass Garage Doors for a totally free price quote!

Exploring Insulated Garage Doors Benefits

Garage doors may be something that most people don’t give much thought to but if you have insulated garage doors, you’re going to benefit from it. Keep reading to learn why insulated garage doors can be a really good idea to consider both for residential garages as well as for commercial garages, too.

Do you use the garage at home a lot in the winter? If you live in an area of harsh winters, your insulated garage doors can save you on your heating bill. If you do have a heated garage, you’ll be losing quite a bit of heat if the garage isn’t insulated. By having it insulated, you’ll also find it much cooler and therefore more tolerable in the summer. If your garage shares a wall with your house and it isn’t insulated, you’ll notice in the winter how much colder that wall is when compared to other walls in your home.

Aiming for a high r-value in your insulation will provide the best possible results. You can buy garage doors that are insulated or buy insulation kits for your garage. This is especially helpful when your garage is attached to your home and if you use any of your garage as storage and / or living space extra insulation will make sense from a comfort and a sound proofing standpoint as well.

stylish, energy efficient garage doorsHave aluminum doors? Want hurricane proof doors? Need to repair your roll up garage door parts? You’ll find a lot of helpful information online. Use the web to learn about buying garage doors and garage door openers and before you make a choice on what brand to buy, you can check out individual garage door manufacturers as well. That way you can look at the best options in terms of cost, warranty, options, and reputation.

Don’t forget that your door needs an adequate seal as well. If you need, for example, a Clopay garage door seal, it’s a good idea to carefully check to see if the seal all the way around needs replacing. A good way to do this is to examine the seal in the dark inside the garage when it’s a sunny day outdoors. This way you can easily see where the gaps exist.

If you’re looking at insulation for commercial garage doors, you’ll find insulated commercial garage door options as well as kits that enable you to upgrade your existing doors to improve the R value.

Not all garage doors are made the same. You’ll find a number of different garage door manufacturers to choose from. You’ll find a plethora of colors, designs, and of course you’ll find that there are insulated as well as non-insulated options.

When choosing your garage door, look at various things including:

  • Reputation. Read product reviews to tell you about various manufacturer reputations.
  • Cost. You want to know that you’re paying money that is comparable to other manufacturers with similar products. Don’t be afraid to pay extra when you get solid warranty and all the features you’re looking for.
  • Ease of doing business. You want to know that the company you choose to buy your garage door from will be easy to do business with, should a warranty issue crop up or in case you need to order replacement and repair parts.

Choosing to install or upgrade to insulated garage doors is definitely a good investment for your home. Your garage will have a better R value and you’ll be improving the value of your home.

About Insulated Garage Doors

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