Garage Door Sizes, Styles, Colors, And Other Considerations

When installing a garage, door sizes, colors, and other areas are taken into consideration. Whether you’re building a new garage or upgrading the one you have, here are some helpful tips for you. You might be surprised at the varieties available. There are more than just standard garage door sizes and styles and many things you may want to think about when building a new garage.

When making a decision on your garage, areas to consider may include:

  • Where the garage will be
  • What style of door you want
  • What configuration you’d like inside

Where is your garage?

Some garages are attached to a house through a breezeway, others are part of the home. Some people have garages that are independent buildings as well. The choice you make will probably come from a variety of reasons including: your house style, your lot size, and of course … your budget.

Access to this building could be constant or infrequent and having it attached to your house could make for convenience but again, this will all depend on the factors mentioned above. Whether you have the garage attached to the home or not there are other considerations as well.

Style of Garage Door

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Garage Door Styles

Doors can be made of various material, including: wood, aluminum, or steel. There are other materials as well but these are the most common. What style door will you have? Some go with carriage garage doors or barn doors. Some people go with up and over doors, and yet others prefer a roller garage. Door cost is often a consideration but it’s wise to also consider how much you use it. Having a roller door garage, for instance, will mean that you can open and close the door easily (without having to move vehicles) even if someone is parked just inches in front of the door.

Buying a garage door takes consideration and you’ll want to measure for size as well. Garage door sizes can be standard or customized, depending on the style you choose as well as how many cars your garage holds. You may want separate doors if you have a double car garage or you may prefer one larger door as well.

Choosing a color could be important to the look of your home, especially if the garage is on the face of the house. Matching existing exterior colors might be important to you. If your garage faces another direction, this might not be as much of a priority for you but most people still look to match and blend color tones for overall appeal.

Garage Configuration

A lot of things to consider inside the garage could include things such as entrances (do you want to be able to access the house and / or have an extra door on the garage for exiting to outside), whether or not you want the garage heated or insulated, and whether or not you want windows on it as well.

What are you using it for? Some people want a simple building for storage and others want a professional garage for repairs and / or a workshop for other purposes. Some people incorporate laundry rooms, and even a bonus room on an upper storey for a hobby area, more living space, or even an extra guest suite. A garage can have living space as well as increase the overall value of your home so when considering areas of its design it’s a good idea to look at more than the type of garage door, sizes of the space, and whether or not to insulate and include windows.

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Garage Door Styles | Tips for choosing the best style for your home


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