A Glimpse At Raynor Garage Doors

If you’re looking at the possibilities for Raynor garage doors, you aren’t likely to be disappointed with the large selection available from this well-known garage door manufacturer. Raynor garage doors come from a product line that includes: several options for residential garage doors, garage door openers, commercial garage doors, and operators to make entry and exit simple.

Residential Garage Doors

What are you looking for in your home’s garage door? Have you got a preference for material? Do you want aluminum or do you think steel would be better? Maybe you would prefer wood carriage house style doors. If you live in an area that’s prone to hurricanes you’re going to be extra concerned about hurricanes.

raynor garage doors clevelandThere are a number of residential Raynor garage doors that are designed for various customer needs. Whether you want something economical and are looking closely at prices or money is less of a concern but you just really need to feel safe and secure because you live in an area that has a lot of potential for extreme weather, chances are that you’ll be pleased with the selection available.

Raynor’s carriage doors are quite a popular choice. With several collections to choose from, you can select a carriage door style that suits your home. Prefer wind safety? Raynor has the Innovations series that offers windloaded garage doors to suit your needs and give you peace of mind.

Commercial Garage Doors

Commercial needs are often more robust than a residential need. Many garage door manufacturers make a commercial line to suit the needs of those that need garage doors for professional garages or loading docks, or storage areas at the back of a commercial or retail building. Need help among choosing commercial garage doors? Whether you need rolling doors, fire doors, or doors some other type of door, it’s a good idea to carefully weigh your options.

Door Openers

Prices of door openers vary but this could provide a great level of convenience for you. If you’re installing a garage door opener on your home, not having to get out of the car to open the garage increases your likelihood of storing your car in the garage. And if you do, you’re protecting your car. Protect it from the elements and from potential car thieves. And if you have an inside door or breeze way in the garage that gets you to the house, that helps eliminate ruined shoes and clothing in bad weather.

Door Parts

There are a lot of options for garages. You might be surprised at how many choices there are for door styles and designs. There is also a large market for replacement parts for things such as: garage door seals, garage door window inserts, cables, springs, and options for replacing a garage door track.

Interested in a new Raynor garage door? We install and service all brands of garage doors and carry parts for the most popular doors in town as well as some of the lesser known doors and openers. Contact Compass for more information about installing a new garage door or opener in your home or business.

Raynor Garage Doors


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