Carriage Garage Doors – The Right Choice

If you are thinking about buying carriage garage doors, there are at least two options for you. Let’s look at both options and give you some food for thought so you can decide for yourself what’s best. You can buy carriage style doors or actual carriage garage doors.

Carriage Garage Doors

Carriage doors for the garage are a name for doors that follow a style that dates back to the horse and carriage days. Most of these are doors on hinges that swing forward. They’re typically made with wood and can be designed in many different styles that make them look like they exist in a time gone by.

carriage garage doorsThe drawback for those who choose these doors typically comes from the fact that the doors open wide. This can present space issues in terms of those without a large driveway. It can also mean that in order to access your garage, you’ll need an area of clearance to be able to get in and out. If you have plenty of space, this might not be a big issue of concern for you. If you do have space issues but love the look of carriage doors, consider carriage-style roll up doors.

Carriage Style Garage Doors

You can have carriage style doors that actually roll up and overhead. This can give you the old look with the contemporary advantage of not having to have space to open the double carriage doors. A carriage-style will usually be on a track with cables and springs but look like an old door that would’ve been in use around horse and buggy times.

Believe it or not, your garage can make a difference to the curb appeal of your house. A garage can improve the value and appeal of your home. You might not think that the door has much impact but in reality, it does make a difference. People might not change their mind about moving in or making an offer but the perceived value increases substantially when there is a garage.

Some things to consider as well in terms of your garage include:

  • Does it match the colors of the house? Even if it’s not attached to the house, color coordination adds to the appeal.
  • Is there another entrance? Having a side door adds to the appeal as well.
  • What’s the R-value of the door? Insulated garage doors lower your heating costs if the garage is heated.
  • Is the door seal in tact? If you have a Clopay garage door seal, for instance, keeping it in tact will preserve cleanliness and temperature of the garage.
  • Consider adding plumbing to the garage. If you have the ability to have running water, you can add a laundry room, have a sink for getting washed after car repairs, an area for doing gardening, etc.
  • Do something with the upstairs. Consider adding a loft / bonus room for storage, for living space, for a hobby, or even as an in-law suite, if your garage is big enough.

The garage can have appeal to the overall look of the home. You can add your style to it by putting carriage garage doors (or a carriage-door) and do other things to help your garage emulate your style while also increasing your home’s value and curb appeal.

Carriage House Door Advantages


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