Fallen Leaves Could Maintain Garage Doors from Working Appropriately

As wonderful as the autumn leaves are on the trees, once they cover the ground, make certain to maintain them out of your garage and away from your garage door opener’s security sensing units. If the garage door sensors are blocked, your garage door opener will not close properly.

Here’s Why:
leaves blocking the garage door sensorWhether family pets, kids, or garden devices find themselves in the path of a closing garage door, you’ll want your garage door to sense something in its path as well as immediately reopen.

Door opener safety sensors lie on either side of the door, either on the garage door tracks or on wall surface brackets past the track, and could often be blocked by fallen leaves, particles, or spider webs.

To cleanse and check your sensors, get rid of all particles, and wipe the lens of each sensor. If the LED lights on the sensors are blinking, that shows that either something is obstructing the beam of light or the sensing units are not straightened with each other. If the LED lights are radiant gradually your garage door opener should be functioning correctly. Take pleasure in the autumn season!


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