Lubricating Your Garage Door as Part of your Regular Maintenance Program

Property owners who want to stay up to date maintenance needs around the house might not know what they should be doing to manage the upkeep of their garage door. It is very important to focus on any noises or odd behaviors you observe with your garage door and contact one of our garage door repair service experts at Compass Garage Doors as soon as something seems wrong.

Another proactive approach to keeping your garage door fully operating and safe is to oil a few of the vital parts. Before going crazy on all the garage door’s parts with WD-40, take a moment to read this brief blog site so you know exactly what parts you ought to focus on and exactly what parts are off limits when it concerns lubrication. Right here are the truths you should learn about oiling your garage door parts.

Utilize a non silicon-based lube. Our garage door repair work professionals at Compass Garage Doors typically use a can of white lithium spray to oil parts. This type of lubricant does a good job without making everything slippery and greasy. Using a spray can lubricant is an easy way to lubricate parts without making a mess.

You’ll want to lubricate just these specific parts – hinges, open rails, rollers and springs. These are the moving pagarage door repair Clevelandrts that should be focused on and you can lubricate them twice a year. Now if your garage door appears to be squeaking or making other noises while in operation, it may be an indication that lubrication is needed for one or more of these parts.

Very important: Do not oil the tracks. While you need to be oiling the rollers, the tracks ought to be left alone. Using lubrication to the tracks themselves can make them too slippery. This makes it impossible for your garage door rollers to acquire traction when lifting or reducing the door, triggering it to increase in speed frantically. It is very important to be careful when using the lubrication to the rollers that none of it lands on the real tracks. These tracks simply have to stay clean and dry for optimal performance.

Now that you’re familiar with how to lube your garage door’s parts, be sure to likewise observe the capability and life of your parts when you’re lubing them every 6 months. If you see anything that may need assistance, among the garage door repair specialists at Compass Garage Doors would is ready to help. Give our office a call today! Call (216) 446-6665 or get more information about our garage door services

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