Garage Door Parts

Due to the constant use of the garage door, wear and tear will be evident. The door is the part of the garage that has been recorded to be used the most. Using a mechanical garage door, which encompasses moving are prone to normal wear and tear wherein the owner is likely to incur repair costs. For your Clopay garage doors, here are some of the garage door parts which will be eventually repaired, replaced and in some cases removed.

Pulleys, Drums and Cables. Drums are mainly used to allow upward movement when the garage door is being opened and downward movement when the garage door is being shut. This is achieved with the assistance of pulleys and chains and cables. Things such as pebbles and other debris will get caught in the garage door causing it to get stuck and its movement restricted. However, if maintained properly, this may serve for a long time.

carriage-garage-doorDue to the fact that cables bear the weight of the door whether in upward or downward moments, they have a high tendency of breaking or becoming brittle over a period of time. Pulleys have the same duty to perform. They also have the task of bearing the weight of the door(s) when there are upward and downward movements. They also have a high tendency of breaking.

Springs. Springs are also used for the opening and closing of the garage port doors. Depending on the workload, the size of the spring will come into play. The heavier the load is, the larger the spring will be and vice versa. With great importance placed on all these parts, the spring, however inexpensive, also plays a vital role in the functionality of the garage door. Proper maintenance will ensure longevity and will allow the spring to perform at its truest potential. However if left unattended, it can cause great damage and even loss of life.

Hinges. Although small in size, hinges do carry a vital role in the operation of the car port door(s). Often times, they are overlooked and because of this, they tend to get left behind. This may cause concerns, as over a period of time lubrication of these members is needed for sustained effectiveness. If left unattended for over a long period of time, dust and debris will cause corrosion and therefore hinder the hinges from performing their duty to their fullest potential. Regular maintenance is needed to ensure that all moving garage door parts associated with the garage door is kept in the proper working order in order to have them working properly.


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