Test Your Garage Door Reversal Function Every Month

Over the years garage door safety has been integrated into new designs and one of these is the automatic reversing feature.

How to test your garage door reversal feature

The first thing you need to do is make sure you have a reversing feature on your door. This is easy to figure out. From inside the garage with the door closed you should see two sensors located about 6 inches from the ground on both sides of the door. They usually have a red or green light on them. These sensors are designed to detect if something is in the path of the door and is another safety feature and these must be in working order.

Any garage door that doesn’t have this feature needs to be replaced to be compliant with the Federal garage door safety regulations that were implemented in January of 1993.

Now that you know you have located the sensors and know that you have a garage door with reversal system feature, it is time to test the system. Open the garage door to begin the test. Place a 2×4 in the middle of the garage door. Now press the garage door opener to close the garage door. The door must reverse when it hits the 2×4.

If the door doesn’t reverse, call a certified technician to adjust, repair or replace the necessary part. Garage doors are usually the last thing we think of when it comes to home safety but you’ll be surprised to know that there are thousands of injuries each year from garage door accidents. Play it safe…. inspect your garage door operation every month and contact Compass Garage Doors for repairs and maintenance.

How to test the Safety Reversal System on Your Garage Door



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