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Garage Door Spring Repair and Replacement

We fix your broken garage door spring fast! Compass Garage Door Repairs will replace your broken torsion spring and extension springs on residential, commercial and industrial sectional, rolling steel and one piece curtain doors. We have expertise in all types of garage doors and automatic garage door openers.

Does your garage door only go up a couple of inches? Does the opener lift the door just one or two feet ? If you have any of these symptoms you may want to look up at the spring.The spring should be located directly above the door on a bar called a shaft. It may be time to call the garage door spring repair specialists!

If you cannot see any springs above your door, you may have what’s called a Torquemaster system. A Torquemaster will only have a tube above the door with the springs inside the tube. If you suspect you may have a broken spring on your Torquemaster system, simply disconnect the door from the opener and see if works easily by hand. (make sure the door is down when you disconnect it from the opener) If the door seems heavy or wants to fall down once you raise it, there is a good chance the spring is broken.

Need A New Torsion Spring – Cleveland Garage Door Spring Repair

All torsion springs are manufactured from Oil Tempered Wire and coated with a clean black protective finish to help prevent corrosion.The spring are made in the USA, There are many different spring sizes call us and make your
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Did you know that your garage door’s inner workings are more complicated than it looks?

We service thousands of garage doors each year. Often, homeowners are surprised how complicated fixing their garage door can be.

A key problem: there may be only one broken part but a half dozen other things contributed to the reason why it broke.

Our job is to diagnose and fix that one big problem. And, if you choose, fix those other little problems that contributed to the one big problem. In any event, it may all be interconnected. Much like broken springs, rollers and cables.

broken torsion springAs experts, we know the differences in garage door brands and their problems much like auto mechanics know the differences between Hyundai and Beemer engine problems and the intricacies of each one.

For example, you see a broken garage door spring. No wonder the garage won’t open, you say! Now, how do you fix it? Do it yourself? No possible way! Call us? Yes.

We diagnose and solve big problems; and at your command, we’ll repair the little ones that may have contributed to the big one. Much like your car on the side of the freeway, there’s oil all over but that’s not the whole picture.

Compass Garage Door Techs carry nine types of garage door springs.

The majority of our competition carries far fewer. Since the right springs make the garage door easier to open as well as manage proper torsion and balance, we carry springs for every conceivable problem.

Your real problems may be the little ones: counterbalance deficiencies; tracks, hinges or rollers that aren’t creating neutral buoyancy; the wrong size spring that was originally installed; or a cable problem.

So, what you thought was the problem–a broken spring—was partially correct. But, a number of other problems led to the spring’s breakage. That is why a master technician is needed today.
To avoid big problems, we recommend a maintenance tune-up.

Our proprietary Signature Tune-Up is a 25-point inspection. We check, adjust and lube your door and opener for wear and tear. We check the little problems to ensure that you don’t meet the big one.

Symptoms are little problems; when the door stops working completely it can become a big problem. Catch the small problems before they become an emergency. Schedule a garage door inspection and avoid being stuck inside or outside your garage.

Complete the online form. Let us schedule an appointment to avoid that one big problem.

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