Exploring Insulated Garage Doors Benefits

Garage doors may be something that most people don’t give much thought to but if you have insulated garage doors, you’re going to benefit from it. Keep reading to learn why insulated garage doors can be a really good idea to consider both for residential garages as well as for commercial garages, too.

Do you use the garage at home a lot in the winter? If you live in an area of harsh winters, your insulated garage doors can save you on your heating bill. If you do have a heated garage, you’ll be losing quite a bit of heat if the garage isn’t insulated. By having it insulated, you’ll also find it much cooler and therefore more tolerable in the summer. If your garage shares a wall with your house and it isn’t insulated, you’ll notice in the winter how much colder that wall is when compared to other walls in your home.

Aiming for a high r-value in your insulation will provide the best possible results. You can buy garage doors that are insulated or buy insulation kits for your garage. This is especially helpful when your garage is attached to your home and if you use any of your garage as storage and / or living space extra insulation will make sense from a comfort and a sound proofing standpoint as well.

stylish, energy efficient garage doorsHave aluminum doors? Want hurricane proof doors? Need to repair your roll up garage door parts? You’ll find a lot of helpful information online. Use the web to learn about buying garage doors and garage door openers and before you make a choice on what brand to buy, you can check out individual garage door manufacturers as well. That way you can look at the best options in terms of cost, warranty, options, and reputation.

Don’t forget that your door needs an adequate seal as well. If you need, for example, a Clopay garage door seal, it’s a good idea to carefully check to see if the seal all the way around needs replacing. A good way to do this is to examine the seal in the dark inside the garage when it’s a sunny day outdoors. This way you can easily see where the gaps exist.

If you’re looking at insulation for commercial garage doors, you’ll find insulated commercial garage door options as well as kits that enable you to upgrade your existing doors to improve the R value.

Not all garage doors are made the same. You’ll find a number of different garage door manufacturers to choose from. You’ll find a plethora of colors, designs, and of course you’ll find that there are insulated as well as non-insulated options.

When choosing your garage door, look at various things including:

  • Reputation. Read product reviews to tell you about various manufacturer reputations.
  • Cost. You want to know that you’re paying money that is comparable to other manufacturers with similar products. Don’t be afraid to pay extra when you get solid warranty and all the features you’re looking for.
  • Ease of doing business. You want to know that the company you choose to buy your garage door from will be easy to do business with, should a warranty issue crop up or in case you need to order replacement and repair parts.

Choosing to install or upgrade to insulated garage doors is definitely a good investment for your home. Your garage will have a better R value and you’ll be improving the value of your home.

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